Getting Through Divorce – Relationship Loss – Major Transition

If you are wondering, “How will I ever get through this transition feeling good about my life?”, then you are not alone. 

This blog will be postings of articles that you may find helpful for your journey through divorce or other loss.  I will be offering a variety of entries –  insights, quotes, suggestions, resources, book suggestions, exercises, topics for discussion, personal thoughts, and mindfulness practice that I have found to be helpful in my work as a Personal Life Coach. My desire is to help as many people as possible get through divorce and beyond (and all losses) in conscious and meaningful ways for more successful, peaceful transitions.

I provide  Mindful Divorce Coaching  to those going through divorce to help them deal with the stress and difficult emotions and to be capable of making their best decisions during this critical time.  If you feel you need help, please Schedule a Complimentary Coaching Consultation to find out how you can get through divorce in a more mindful and peaceful way, and move beyond divorce to create a life that is meaningful and rewarding.